Susie Pitt is a nutritionist master weight loss coach, has a background in nursing, sports nutrition, and mentoring women in personal development . Susie is a writer speaker educator and entrepreneur who loves the holistic natural lifestyle .


In the last 10 years her focus has been to build a practice around functional holistic healing, well being, rejuvenation  and weight loss . The main focus is to help people build their bodies nutritionally and combine mind body health in the mix of the healing modalities to achieve superb health. 

Susie believes by incorporating  a three fold system of healing,she achieves results that are quick and long lasting  .




"Food is medicine " is Susie's  Mantra. Food is also a drug which brings about chemical changes within the body. Depending on a clients diet, it has a positive or negative response on  energy ,emotions,  health,  weight  and looks. On a more serious side it can trigger supreme health or life altering disease . . A person's state of health is nearly always related to diet and emotional status. It is Susie's intuitive understanding of health food and human behaviour that has allowed her to develop her very successful Body IQ system which identifies many of the triggers causing ill health in clients.


Susie uses a signature  eating and healing philosophy which works with a clients own body intelligence to help avoid sensitivities allergies and build on the microbiome of the gut to alleviate digestive and health issues. It is a personalized system that works very well with clients that are prepared to embrace the holistic mind body connection make the changes that are needed and maintain a clean but very liveable lifestyle 



Susie lives at Mission Beach  is married and has 3 sons . She loves sport and is actively involved in dragon boat racing locally . She is also an Australian representative for her club and  Australia . She loves the fit active lifestyle and can be found playing working out, or just having a lazy latte at her local coffee shop . 


Susie's practice is located at Tully and opening soon at Mission Beach . She also has an  online  practice  through Zoom Skype or by Smart phone . This allows Susie to travel teach and educate around Australia and internationally.