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Smart Diet Drops and Diet Instructions


The Smart Diet Drops will be shipped out to you within 5- 7 working days unless you have ordered Express .

In the meantime please acess the online Diet Instructions and familiarize yourself with  Phase One and Two on the  diet protocol .

Click here for  Access to Diet


The program supplied with drops is the original Basic 650 Calorie Diet only . Smart Diet Club has an 800 calorie program created by Nutritionist  master coach Susie Pitt. This is not available with product only purchaces but is part of the membership site


It is an ideal time while waiting for your drops to do a detox.... to prepare your body and your mind for the diet .


This is not mandatory, however is highly recommended so your body is favourably prepared for the next stage of the diet .


We believe if you want the very best results that you consider joining the coaching program. It takes the stress out of dieting and keeps someone in your corner when you need extra motivation and success.Our results are spectacular .....we have girls still maintaining the same weight after 5 years ....Anyone can lose weight but few maintain it .


Check out the  options .. Your own personal Coach is $30 weekly CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE MEMBERSHIP COACHING PROGRAM


One Off Coaching Session
Smart Drops plus Coaching Program
Coaching only 


The Smart Diet Drops will be shipped out to you within 5 working days.


In the meantime please acess the Smart Diet Club online membership area and familiarize yourself with the 4 Phase diet protocols.


To get access to Smart Diet Club  Sign In by filling out the form you will be told to wait  for approval 


2. SMS.. Smart Diet Club to confirm you have signed up .

043 893 1854 and we can approve you


Once you have requested approval you will be sent confirmation to access the site . This can take a day because its a manual task to approve each member. However most times its within the hour.


3. SIGN UP HERE ...... using the same email and password  details this time LOGIN   (make sure you login second time round dont try and sign up again or it wont work ..Login on the same sign up form where it says login .. in blue) 

Once inside membership site go to members dashboard GETTING STARTED 


4. GETTING STARTED TAB is where you begin Make sure you follow all the steps as soon as possible so we can begin your coaching program . Fill out all forms and information requested . We can not start coaching until you do everything including downloading the apps and joining the forum. While you do all that ,its mandatory to do a detox diet for your first 5 days then load to start P2 . This makes for a far more successful protocol.



You bought a one off coaching session
If you bought a 20 min or 30 minute coaching session please Contact Smart Diet Club to organize your coaching  on PH 043  893 1854 


Come to your session with a pen and notebook to take down any relevant information . Write down your questions in a clear concise manner to get the very best from your session .