Lose 7 - 10 kg in 3 weeks and keep it off 

Hi Lovely,

Glad that you have arrived on our page because we really want to help you. We know you are probably  feeling miserable and tired of dieting and trying to lose weight?

or you wouldnt be here looking for another way to get back to your normal weight  . 

We get YOU and totaly understand how confusing and soul destroying the whole weight loss industry  can be.  It appears everyone has a theory and a diet they want to offer you.


Another year and another diet you ask yourself, what is going to make it any different !!!.

You already know that if you keep doing the same old dieting regime

you will just keep getting the same old  results and that terrifies you . 

"Im passionate about changing the way you think about food.  ....how you lose weight and change your mindset I want to teach you to love food in a different way and help you to see that food is not the enemy. Dieting the conventional way is the worst possible way to lose weight, thats why I do these free weight loss challenges so I can teach you to love your body again and lose weight naturally using great food   " 

Susie Pitt Nutritionist 

Listen to this quick 4 minute audio and you will understand why this might be the last "diet" you ever do .

We run these challenges about 3-4 times a year and they get booked out very quickly so its important to register if you are interested. It costs nothing to join however you do need our plant based homeopathic drops to make things easier for you in the beginning.






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Purchace your Success Pack from the SHOP ....the product for the challenge is the SUCCESS PACK

Once you have done that we will send you instructions on how to join the Quick Weight Loss Challenge group . If you are unsure about anything please call the office in office hours PH 04 3893 1854 .

PS you dont have to join the challenge to use our products ...however we highly recommend it 

Looking forward to coaching you very soon . If you miss out on this challenge we will make sure to contact you for the next round ......


Quick Challenge - Susie Pitt
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