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Why Do I Need A Smart Diet Coach?


 A diet coach is a  CHOICE. It is a choice you make to serve your best interests. Its telling yourself  “I am really SERIOUS about what I want to achieve in my weight loss, and I want to give myself every opportunity to follow through and finally get the body I have always wanted  ”.


For example: It’s one thing to know intellectually that you’re supposed to eat less food and follow a protocol to get you to lose weight . And it’s another thing to actually do it . But it’s a very different animal to have a personal diet coach waiting for you at an appointed time, who knows you and knows your body, who will push you, challenge you, encourage you and plow through your excuses. Hiring a persoanl diet coach you mean  business – and you will see results much faster.

One-on-One Coaching  only $30 Weekly No Contracts......Start Today 



Whats In It For Me?

When you engage a coach you are getting a mentor, confidant and someone in your corner. Your coach is going to help you stay on message and help you  get the body you want to live in  . 


Sometimes intentions are good but follow through is lacking.  . Having your own coach you have a buddy who is going to show up to make sure you stick to the agreed commitment . THE SMART DIET is a very efficient successful diet however if you don't follow it exactly it becomes a fail and you can become very discouraged.

Often dieters have no idea how to maintain  and end up putting the weight right back on because these are the two really important phases where you stabilise and learn what your body can and can't tolerate . SMART DIET has the magic formula to keep the weight off . Anyone can lose kilos not many can keep it off...We have a track record for long term weight maintenance because we teach you about how your bio-individual body wants to live and thrive.


Why Use a Smart Diet Coach . 

Susie Pitt is a holistic nutritionist who has supervised thousands of women through the process of weight loss. She has developed a signature body IQ system that helps identify sensitivities and foods that cause the body to create and hold on to fat …..She also uses very unique supplements to create good digestion and create a healthy gut biome  which also helps the body stay slim long term.

We have The Very Best Phase 3 Coaching and maintenance system . Our results for long term stabilisation speak for themselves ...Our clients are the same weight years later ...thats the magic of our diet compared to so many others out there  .


One-on-One Coaching  only $30 Weekly No Contracts......Start Today 
How Does Coaching Work

  • When you enquire about the  SMART DIET SYSTEM make sure you have at least 15 minutes  so a coach can get a good overview of what your needs are as an individual. The coach will ask about  your history and background to make sure the coaching is focused and individualised if you decide to start  . We coach from a mind body spirit modality . We will ask you questions about your food your emotions and your mind space . Once that is established your coach has a framework to individulize the program to your needs. Once you join you submit a full health history and , stats and measurements. 

  • Your Coach is in contact with you 4 days a week via SMS with personal responses and education tips . You are required to post your stats and food maps daily 7 days a week  . You coach reads your submitted stats 7 days a week .

  • Each morning you message  your coach and she will respond and update your progress and keep you focused and on track .

  • You have access to education audios, and articles recipes, food tips , and your coach will recommend supplements to help you maximise your weight loss.

  • Education and changing the way your mind works, as well as identifying the foods that make your body fat..... are a big focus of our program 


  • To cancel your coaching you simply advise your coach and one more payment will be deducted and the direct debit cancelled. 

One-on-One Coaching  only $30 Weekly No Contracts......Start Today 

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