If you're ready to take charge of your own life and manifest your dreams then you've come to the right place! Whether you're new to the law of attraction or you've manifested time and time again, the following manifestation technique is one that we can all use!


With these actionable steps it's super easy to use but most importantly super powerful. If you're ready to supercharge your manifestations with the 5x55 method then let's get started!​


What is the 5x55 manifestation method?

The 5x55 manifestation method is a structured system to bring your desires into reality. Over the course of 5 days, the aim is to align with the frequency of your intentions by targeting the unconscious mind. 


This method works on the basis of the law of attraction, but adds a more structured approach in order to really commit to manifesting. This makes it a particularly useful tool for those who find themselves more scattered and inconsistent in their approach to manifestation or simply aren’t getting results from their usual techniques.


The law of attraction


The law of attraction describes our ability to attract into our lives whatever we focus on. If this concept is new to you, we can explain it using the law of vibration.


The law of vibration describes the fact that everything in the universe has a vibrational frequency. This law works like a magnet, meaning that whatever frequency something vibrates at has the power to attract things operating at a similar frequency.


Since our thoughts also have a vibration, they can also attract things that hold the same or a similar vibration. Positive thoughts = positive experiences and negative thoughts = negative experiences.


But it can be even more specific than that. When we want to attract something particular into our lives we can use the knowledge of the law of attraction and the power of our minds to attract that thing - purely by making it our focus. Cool, huh?​

How does the 5x55 manifesting formula work?

A combination of factors make the 5x55 manifesting formula such a powerful tool:

  • Repetition allows the intention to enter the subconscious mind

  • It combines several different manifestation tools e.g. affirmations, visualisation and trust in the universe

  • Daily commitment shows the universe that you are ready to receive​

  • The method helps you to become more focused on your intentions and desires

  • It works with the significance of the number 5 in numerology

What you need
  • A pen (pencils won’t suffice since they are much less permanent than pens)

  • A journal or lots of paper (lined paper is preferred but is not essential)

  •  Spare time to dedicate to manifesting for 5 consecutive days​ IT TAKES ABOUT 25 MINUTES EACH DAY

  • A positive mindset and belief in the process

  • Anything that helps you personally to create a sacred space and mood


How to use the 5x55 manifestation method
Step 1: Set your intention


The first step of any manifestation method is to set your intention. The idea here is to think about what you want to put into existence within the next 5 days. 

Some questions that might help you with setting your intention are:

  1. What would you like your life to look like in 5 days?

  2. What would need to change in your life to achieve this?

  3. How would you feel if this change manifested in 5 days time?

An example of this process might be:
(However  This can be used to get more finances, changing your health ,losing weight ,getting rid of a bad habit , . Make sure you start on a small scale and you can mannifest it easily.)
  1. In 5 days time I would like to have deeper connections with my friends

  2. To achieve this I need to be more open to giving and receiving love

  3. If this change manifested in 5 days I would feel loved and secure and feel a sense of belonging

Intention: to love and be loved

Turn your intention into affirmations


Once you have set an intention to work on, you want to create 5 affirmations that match with this intention. Make sure these affirmations are powerful and include emotive language that resonates with you.

The key formula for setting powerful affirmations is:

  • Create affirmations in the present tense (as if they have already happened)

  • Choose something that excites you/resonates with you

  • Be specific!

  • Don't make it too long (it needs to be easy to remember!)

  • Show gratitude for the manifestation

  • Say how the manifestation makes you feel

Looking at our previous answers and intention, some powerful affirmations might be:
  1. My heart is open to giving and receiving love, and I am grateful to belong

  2. I am thankful to have deep connections with people I love

  3. I feel safe and secure in my relationships and I love openly

  4. Thank you universe for blessing me with an open heart and strong connections

  5. I am grateful for the love I have in my life and I feel accepted as a result

Step 2: Choose your affirmation


Now you’ve created your five affirmations based on your intention, it’s time to narrow it down to just one affirmation to work with. Looking at the key formula for setting powerful affirmations above, which affirmation fits this criteria best?

Referring back to the example affirmations above, my chosen affirmation would be "thank you universe for blessing me with an open heart and strong connections". This is the affirmation that I find the most powerful.


Make any changes you need to make to ensure this is the right affirmation for you to work with over the next five days.

TIP: try reading the affirmations out loud to see which one brings you the most joy - this is the one you should work with!

Step 3: Set up your space


To begin with your manifestation, it’s important to set up a high vibrational space. This will help you to connect deeper with your affirmation and align with what you are trying to manifest. 


Set up your space like you would for your meditation practice. There is no right or wrong way to do this - the only thing that matters is that you connect with the space.

Take some time to ensure you feel at peace in the space you’re in and that you won’t be disturbed for the duration of your practice.


Step 3: Write down your affirmation


This is where the 5x55 method really begins.


With your pen and journal at hand, start to write out your affirmation on the page over and over until you have written your affirmation 55 times. Do this every day for 5 consecutive days.

Although this is a simple task, it is one that should not be rushed. The aim isn’t just to write words here, but to really connect with the meaning and the feeling behind the words. As you write, say the words in your mind space and visualise your affirmation as if it is your reality. Feel the energy of your words and believe them to be true. 


If you feel like you are struggling to connect with this practice, take some time out and come back to it. Try meditating beforehand to get in a more positive and high vibrational mindset. However, it is important that you do not miss a day.

When you have finished writing your 55 affirmations finish off with 5 things you are grateful for.....changing them each day . Gratitude is a very powerful tool to bring manifestation into play very quickly .(This will be another lesson)


Step 4: Let go and release


This is a very important part of the manifestation process that is often overlooked. 


After the 5 days have passed, let go of your intention and release any expectations.


It can be incredibly tempting to obsess over our desires and think about them again and again, believing that this will help to bring them into our reality faster. But attaching too much meaning or expectation to our wishes can send out negative messages into the universe and make them less likely to show up.


Instead, we need to let go of our ego and trust the process.

Why not try putting your affirmations in a manifestation box?

It is also important to pay extra attention to your intuition and the messages you receive over the coming weeks. You may gain insight on steps you need to take in order to align with your intentions. Don’t ignore any messages you are receiving - they are coming to you for a reason.


Frequently asked questions about the 5x55 method
What is the best time to do the 5x55 manifesting method?

There isn’t necessarily a “right” time to start the 5x55 manifesting method. The most important thing is that it feels right to you.


Meditating before each affirmation writing session can ensure that you’re in the right headspace to engage fully. 


Some people believe that writing affirmations before going to bed at the end of the day allows the words to move into your subconscious as you sleep. However, if you find you are more focused and positive first thing in the morning then this might be a more suitable option for you!


Do you need to write the affirmation 55 times at once?



The repetition of writing is one of the most important factors of this meditation technique. Writing at different times of the day breaks up this pattern of repetition and is therefore less powerful.


If you find yourself unable to complete your writing or are not in the right mindset, it is okay to stop and come back to it later but it is recommended that you begin the 55 affirmations from the beginning.


Can you type your affirmation out on the computer?

In an ideal world, you should write your affirmation using a pen and paper. This is because the act of writing by hand causes you to connect more with the words you are writing and encourages you to be more present.

It is easy to become distracted and passive when typing on a computer and it is therefore not recommended to do so. If you have the option of using a pen and paper then this should be the method you take. 


Be cautious of the temptation to use technology out of laziness as this means you are not truly committed to your intention and it is unlikely to manifest.


However, if for whatever reason you are unable to use a pen and paper then typing is better than nothing. If you need to resort to typing then try to do so slowly and remain engaged and present in the same way you would writing by hand.


Can I use this method to manifest multiple things at once?


This isn’t advised as doing so sends out many different messages and gives the impression that you are confused about what you want.


Working on one intention and affirmation shows the universe that you are dedicated and committed to achieving this outcome.


There is no rush - work on one thing before moving to the next. You will find that your goals are much easier to achieve when you break them down into smaller steps.


What if my desire manifests before day 5?


This is great! But don’t stop just yet.

Show your dedication by completing the 5x55 method even if your desire seems to manifest early. There is every chance that there is more to come and stopping prematurely could stop you from getting all of the benefits of this technique!

What if my desire hasn’t manifested by day 5?


Don’t lose faith. Some intentions, especially big ones, take a while to manifest. 


If your desire hasn’t manifested by day 5, that doesn’t mean it won’t manifest at all! It’s important not to lose faith in the universe and the law of attraction. 


Trust the process and the universe will deliver in time.

Its good to continue and write another round . Sometimes we are very resistant and we find it dificult to believe that the Universe wants to help us and give us the life we wnt . 

Trust the process allow yourself to become vulnerable and go into yourself , understanding you have nothing to lose and everything to gain ....

This system has a miracle componant in it and if you can change your subconcious you can change your life .....

The only reason you have not, is because you dont ask or believe you can . You have a limiting belief system that you dont believe you deserve it  .....Look around  the room you are sitting in . Everything you see was manifested by someone having an idea and then creating the end product .This could be your life can manifest almost everything ....if you believe you can .....the only person that stops you is you !!!!!.

Share your stories with your coach . Every time we get people to do this exercise its like Xmas in a kids club ...People are astounded excited grateful and almost always astounded  at how their dreams show up ....Your life could change today ....relax enough to get around your limited thinking ....