we have a 10 year proven track record 


Over the past few years, the SMART DIET has quickly become the fastest growing and most effective diet program for adults looking to lose weight. This diet is for people who have tried everything .... FAD DIETS, GRUELLING EXERCISE'S REGIMES,

PILLS, SHAKES AND BARS and simply feel like they must have BAD FAMILY GENES AND A SLOW METABOLISM because nothing is working .


Unlike other diet programs, The Smart Diet IS A 3 WEEK ROTATIONAL diet that doesnt enslave you in a diet merry-go-round . Its fast effective and you are only dieting for 24 days at a time.


Smart Diet has a proven track record and is a testimony  to the thousands of people who have successfully lost weight using the program. If you are a die hard dieter with very little long term success  the SMART DIET is for you !


What is the SMART DIET.......  3 WEEKS TO WOW ?
Its a revolutionary way to lose weight using a rotation diet  eating specific foods on  short 3 weekd rounds  and  MOST IMPORTANTLY tapping into your Body IQ.  
Susie Pitt nutritionist and master weight loss coach, has formulated  Smart Drops a all natural homeopathic remedy with 8 ingredients  which melt fat, curb appetite and give you extra energy  while you lose 7-10 kg in  3 week cycles. We use specific nutritional fat burning food combinations combined with the drops to create  outstanding weight loss results of 7-10kg in 3 weeks . Everyone loses 7kg or more in 3 weeks ......This diet does not fail and is very predictable even when you are going through menopause or have a stubborn metabolism . 

The idea behind the Smart Diet  is that it allows your body to access fat stores more quickly than normal. Instead of losing  muscle mass you start losing body fat right away . Just when your weight starts to slow down we give your metabolism a burst with different foods, fats,and added calories for 21 days and the body will stabalize your new weight as a setpoint .   Our weight results are 7-10 kg over  3 week cycles .


When following the The Smart diet program, the theory is that you use specific foods and the times you eat will  allow your body to release excess fat quickly and effortlessly.


You do not have to struggle because with the formulated Success Pack of  Smart Drops and Body Rescue drops you have the perfect helpers to take away the cravings and the triggers that cause you to have an out of control appetite and make sure you are burning fat rather than muscle. The Smart Drops act as an appetite suppressant and also go to work immediately burning fat and increasing energy.


Nutritionist Susie  and her team have created a holistic mind body  protocols that get amazing results ,  combined with modern day scientific dietary information and up to date nutritional guidelines and using regular kitchen foods your body quickly lets go of the excess body weight .


 dieting for no longer than 3 weeks at a time and then stabalizing on lots of delcious foods. You do not spend long cycles on weight loss so your metabolism stays optimum and your nutrition panel is very healthy.


The team has also incorporated the Smart Body IQ  system into the coaching protocol which is one of Susie's signature personal health programs. It works with your own body intelligence to make sure the diet is focused on your challenges.


THE SMART DIET  is a combination system that uses an 800 calorie of real food diet with the very successful Smart Drops to assist the body with fast effective weight loss. This is combined with the SMART "MIND GYM" training to change the way you think, creating an environment for rapid weight loss.



Why is Smart Diet  System so Successful


The Smart Diet protocol  is very different because there are no long bouts of dieting ...rather simple short 3 week cycles divided into three stages . Phase one loading or getting ready ,Phase 2 dieting for 24 days and Phase 3 Stabalizing for 21 days  . Anyone can lose weight the strength of this diet is maintaining your weight for years after you finish like many of our clients ....


 The New  SMART DIET System was designed by nutrition Master Diet Coach Susie Pitt using Dr Simeons original protocol which has been enhanced and uses a higher calorie protocol so you get more to eat. Susie uses a more modern nutritionally restructured version which is far more successful than the original because it is a total holistic mind body program.....you get to eat more food and more variations  while still losing the same weight and adressing all the old blockages that cause you to keep the weight on .....


UNLIKE A LOT OF DIETS  coaching clients are taught how to stabalize their weight loss and how to keep it off without struggling all the time.No more trying to figure out what you are allergic to and introducing foods back ito your diet slowly . If you are intollerant to foods we get you blood tested .


Detox Preperation. This is a very simple mild 5 day detox eliminating sugars and grains to prepare your body for the best weight loss results . Many that start the plan are toxic and have been eating badly for months sometimes years . To get the best results we start you on a  a 5 day detox to remove the side effects of bad eating . we have found the clients that focus on a good detox are very successful at weight loss.


Its then time to transistion on to Phase 1 ........... 



The first initial stage of The SMART DIET  is a 2 day cycle. This is known as the Refeed phase ...We have spent the last 5 days restricting the body and cleaning out the "pipes" . Now we need to introduce specific high calorie foods back into the system.  During the Refeed stage, users are encouraged to eat high calorie nutritional foods that are nutrient dense foods that contain  GOOD FATS. The main purpose of this stage is to prepare the body for change without shock or feeling deprived 



The SMART DIET is the weight loss phase  often referred to as "3 Weeks to WOW because of the fast results we get in this 3 weeks . This  stage of the  Smart Diet  lasts for 24 days. During this stage, participants lower their  calories and must use Smart homeopathic drops and follow a very specific diet instructions .We believe this is the fastest possible way to lose weigh predictbly reaching 7-10 kg depending on start weight . We then immediately stabilise this weight loss by introducing rotation and increasing calories  and variety The drops have been designed to curb your appetite you will not feel hungry .....you will have lots of energy and feel great as you lose amazing weight 


3. RESET.  

This is called the stabilisation stage. You go back to enjoying your food and giving your body the opportunity to stabalize  your new weight. This stage  lasts for 21 days. We work on the mind body connection during this phase ....the food fears and the wrong thinking most overweight people have about diet and food. This is the most important phase where you are taught to introduce foods and monitor the foods that you are sensitive to, that could cause you to put weight on .... We also stabilise your set point ( your new weight reached )  so you don't race back up to your old weight  ....YOU WILL NOT PUT THE WEIGHT BACK ON YOU JUST LOST ....you will maintain your loss to within 900g ....... We are the masters at this phase and all you have to do is follow the program and trust the process ........



This is the lifestyle stage, where you learn to eat for life . We teach you how to nourish your body with high density superfoods, eat delicious fruits veggies ,ancient grains, and free you up from the dieting yo yo lifestyle  . You will no longer fear getting fat or fighting food wars in your body or your mind ...SMART DIET  is a unique holistic weight loss system that addresses mind body and spirit and uses the very special SMART BODY IQ DIET  to individualise your weight loss journey 



Its about short focused weight loss cycles followed by stabalizing and introducing a varied healthy nutritious diet while working with the mind body connection and getting your body to adjust to a new set point so you don't go straight back to your old weight  .

The cycles are 3 weeks on diet  3 weeks of stabilisation 
3 WEEKS TO WOW .....LOSE 7-10kg every 3 weeks then set that weight and start another round (minimum 7kg is normal )

It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4 

Whether it be 4 Kg or 40kg OR MORE … this program can help you! It’s for everybody!


The SMART Diet System is designed to target FAT loss, while maintaining muscle and skin integrity

The SMART Diet will help you lose unwanted belly fat, cellulite and embarrassing weight you



Not being hungry, being full of energy … the kilos drop off fast which  IS THE SECRET TO THIS DIET . This is a complete Body Shaping System that really works and keeps it off without struggling..We have a 10 year record to prove our system keeps weight off .

We reshape your body and help you achieve your goals, coach you  to
strengthen and rebuild your health and wellness from the inside out with our
  1. SMART Detox,
  2. SMART Thinking,
  3. SMART Diet,
  4. SMART Online Coaching and
  5. SMART Fitness …
all integral components of The SMART Diet System.
We look forward to helping you achieve your new body